Original artwork "Complaining of school expenses"

KAŞKA believes that love is the highest level of achievement!


It is original KAŞKA ✔
The painter, KAŞKA lives in the city of Prague -the heart of Europe- which has deeply mystical and historical heritage. 
He is expressing his philosophy through his articles and visual arts. 
The ideas of his artworks are based on his comprehension of the human self-development journey ever since the primordial time throughout history and pains persistence of people. He aims to inspire future generations. In his opinion the man has the same goals as other beings and the more harmonious he is in terms of his behaviors with all of other beings the more happier he is. 
So far few of his works were for sale. He usually gave them for free to the places he deems appropriate. Simply, he doesn't care about monetize. Authority is worthless for him. 
Enjoy his unique artwork! 
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Original artwork "Complaining of school expenses"

First drawing based on the collection of "Early History"

Charcoal on paper

30x45 cm.

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Original artwork