Sağlık Hizmetleri

Sağlık Turizmi

Sağlık Turizmi

Healthcare Tourism in Turkey
Turkey has the large number of accredited hospitals in ophthalmic, odontotheraphy, plastic surgery, transplantation and cardiology as well as affordable prices and high quality service. Medical services in Turkey are under control by the Ministry of Health. (official web-site:
More than 500,000 foreign patients come to Turkey every year for treatments in qualitative services of clinics branches. 
Hospitals in Turkey are offering high standards of rehabilitation with high technological equipment, also comfortable rooms for patients. Doctors have high skills, knowledge and experience. All of them speak English but if necessary interpreting services are offered in any other language. 
''Diagnosis - Treatment - Travel''
Once you apply us for a treatment in Turkey, our specialist team create a detailed plan with you and we follow process. Before your travel, you are obliged duly provide all necessary official information of your health condition such reports and documents, that we must share them with doctors. After examining your data, doctors determine the most appropriate treatment for you. If doctors think you need some more tests, you will be informed and you can take tests either in Turkey or in your own country. 
Your wishes, expectations and relevant doctors recommendations lead to detail plan of your healthcare travel to Turkey. Thanks to our method, your treatment substantially could be determined. 
Our medical counseling service is free of charge. Once you have a decision about the treatment, our team create the most appropriate plan for you with its price offer.
Hastaneler & Klinikler

Hastaneler & Klinikler

Hospitals & Clinics in Turkey
Turkey has several hospitals designed for providing highest class medicalcare. They are utilize the best medical equipment whom available worldwide.
Due to the highest technology fully equipped hospitals and rich skills of doctors, Turkey is one the most preferred countries for healthcare tourism over the world. Doctors are specialized in their departments and speak English language. They constantly follow newest Innovations in their specialty.


Accommodation in Turkey for Healthcare Travel
Our professional team is at your service throughout the whole process before-of-after the treatment. We provide you maximum comfort as you feel at home.
Since many years Turkey is attracting tourists with its culture, history and natural beauty. There are established countless nationally and internationally brands of hotels in every cities. 
Once you choose hotel according to your treatment clinics location, the booking process will be done by yourself or by our team. The transfers in Turkey between airport, your hotel and clinic would be done by our transfer agent or by yourself in accordance to your preference. Our travel consultants have high experiences and best qualifications.
Our add value is our service quality!
COVID-19 Ag Antigen Rapid Test

COVID-19 Ag Antigen Rapid Test

Wise Clinics
COVID-19 Ag Antigen Rapid Test successfully created, and already available its procurement with an affordable price. 
Almost 100% Accuracy!
100% Made in Turkey.
TEST-IT, COVID-19 Ag Test is a rapid, qualitative, immunochromatographic assay for the detection of 2019-nCoV antigen in human throat swabs or nasal swabs.
/For professional in vitro diagnostic use only
/Results in 15-20 minutes
/Detects antibodies generated in response to coronavirus infection
/COVID-19 Ag Test detects the antigen of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in human throat swabs, nasal swabs or nasopharyngeal swabs
/Analysis of coincidence rate of COVID-19 Ag Test and PCR Test in nasal samples:
Sensitivity: % 92.5
Specificity: % 99.16
Accuracy: %97.7
Quality is primary asset for us since its establishment date. 
We have managed to be first in the world for;
First company in the world to have CE certification for in-vitro diagnostics industry from Notified Body at Munich (2001)
First Company in the world to have CE certification for; HIV, HCV, HBsAg and Anti-HBs tests all together  according to 98/79/EC Directive by PCBC-1434 Polish Notified Body (2008).
We are certified for
Certified for ISO 9001
Certified for ISO 13485
Accordance with GMP.
Our products are certified for;
CE certification for Anti-HIV, Anti-HCV, HBsAg and Anti-HBs tests according to  EC/98/79 Annex II – List A
(Full Quality Certificate, Design Examination Certificate, Batch Verification Certificate)
CE certificate for OTC products, HCG
FDA 510k clearance for HCG tests.
Approval and Registration of our products;
Europe Medical Device System,
Free Sales Certificates issued by Turkish Ministry of Health.