Our project team specialise in architecture including interior design, engineering solutions and projects application works.

With the expertise of ALKILIC Group

For the last 30 years we have been challenging conventional boundaries to build our portfolio that includes architecture, engineering and construction works.

Proje ekibimiz iç tasarım dahil mimarlık, mühendislik çözümleri ve proje uygulama işlerinde uzmanlaşmıştır.

CRM is the ideal communication and collaboration solution for the corporates of all sizes.

CRM office platform

Nowadays where the public health is under threat, thanks to our CRM and conference solutions, you can carry out your works with your colleagues even from home.

CRM her boyuttaki kuruluşlar için ideal iletişim ve işbirliği çözümüdür.

We integrate to world the developing Turkish companies in the defense and advanced electronics industries as well as in the metal, machinery and automotive.

Industry and technology

We develop projects in the fields of energy efficiency and environmental waste management, also provide the necessary equipment for the development of agriculture in the world.

Metal, makina ve otomotivde olduğu gibi, savunma ve ileri elektronik sanayinde de gelişmekte olan Türk firmalarını dünyaya entegre ediyoruz.

We offer for your service with domestic and foreign manufacturers in construction, decoration and Horeca materials.

Home and workplace products

We supply various consumer products in a wide range of products.

İnşaat, dekorasyon ve Horeca malzemelerinde yerli ve yabancı üreticileri hizmetinize sunuyoruz.