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Kaşka'dan Yeni Miladımıza Dair Bir Makale!

Article From Kaşka To Our New Tipping Point!

Pandemic ....13.04.2020

Human. The superior species that has developed own comfort of its life. Is there a wiser presence in the universe? We do not know.
From the early ages, human has used his intelligence. He learned the methodology along many years. He forged iron in fire. He tamed horses. He worked on wood, made shelter. Sailed on water. Finally reached the Industrial Revolution. Invented the steam engine. He built crowded cities. He has discussed about morality and justice for thousands of years. He wrote. Social orders practiced.
Is what we have achieved for our comfort in last thirty-forty years more than we have been through all our previous history, what do you think? And how about what we have exhausted?
Human has frightened. In addition to his fear of visible dangers, he also created invisible fears. Although the real threats remained similar, he carried on fabricating new fears. Throughout history, those who have noticed the power of this anxious pressure have led other people. They have governed them.
Human desired an eternal life for himself. ''To be exist always'' is the foremost attitude of human. In reality, this is his common ground with everything else around him. 'Remaining in existence', is the 'Code' of response to impacts for each form. Human, who could not live endlessly, was able to remain in existence in two ways; he kept having up children; he tried to be remembered.
''Being remembered''. To be remembered for our good behaviors whom we believe to be universal. For some people it did not matter how to be mentioned. Just be mentioned! It was this, that impellented the cruel figures of history.
'The codes' of coronavirus that spreads by strangling people and of a leader who ordered to destroy the masses, are oriented towards the same result.
Contradiction; how much worrying about what will happen after death in various beliefs the human was not getting that much anxious about how he will live -for example next year-.
Selfishness; human did not care much about how will be the situation of children and the planet in future -for instance, fifty years later-.
Misfortune; the speed we have reached in our globalization has led to an epidemic.
Chance; Those who dressed our fear of after death have ruled the world for ages. Thanks to our fear of death, ''Medical Scientists'' are running the world last couple of months.
A Czech friend said, "Co tě nezabije to te posili". What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Probable. Our species, that has emerged always more stronger from the brutalities of the dark leaders, the torments of egocentric authorities, and the slaughters of many epidemics, can come out of this pandemic with a strong leap.
If; will an early ''Artificial Intelligence'' revolution come after this epidemic? Can this intelligence be able to make its own comprehensive decisions one day and be wiser than human? (Memorializing Asimov and Hawking) Can AI offer us 'true comfort' that we have not been able to stabilize over thousands of years, while achieving this, can manage sustainable justice and virtue among us, and can make us 'immortal' in the memories of future generations?
How about this pandemic, could it be the ''tipping point'' on the way to the ideal platform of humanity?
Taking a deep breath is good for everything. These days in social isolation are an invaluable opportunity to stand by and think about our future -our existence indeed- that we rapidly waste. It is an occasion for us to regain our loved ones, to have compassion each other and on other beings. Love is worth fighting for!
Hope; love is the highest level of achievement! Love is the most sustainable result!